Compared to conventional induction motors used in many leading waste disposal systems, we use a permanent magnet motor which has several advantages over these induction motors. The HSPMM has higher starting torque because the motor does not have the winding up phase present in induction motors, but instead reaches full speed instantaneously. Furthermore, the HSPMM reaches rotation speeds of 2500+ rpm vs the 1720 rpm speeds found in induction models. Reaching higher speeds faster lessens the chance of jams in the initial stages of waste disposal significantly. Lastly, the HSPMM reduces the weight of the product and the energy consumption used.
  • 2500RPM
  • 1720RPM

Reinforced Nylon Grinding Chamber/BMC Material made Drain Housing

While others use a plastic grinding chamber for their economic models and a metal chamber for their more expensive models, we have chosen a different approach. Cracked plastic is the leading cause of water leakages, and corrosive metal is the main cause of decreased grinding power that leads to clogged drains. We choose to use fiber glass reinforced nylon to make our grinding chamber more robust than general plastic materials and significantly more corrosion resistant than metal grinding chambers. Furthermore, the Drain Housing made by the Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) material is exceptionally good at oil corrosion resistance. In short, we build our systems to last.

Universal Mounting Adapter

We have two different types of mounting systems for our products: the EZ-MOUNT system and the 3-bolt mount system. Our product comes with the EZ-MOUNT system which makes connecting the disposal system to your sink simple and fast. For those that are replacing a broken or old system from a different maker mounted with a 3-bolt system, we offer a Universal Mounting Adapter that will allow you to connect our system to your old mount easily.
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